Best short horrors of 2017

corpse series

The Corpse Series

We said –

“Told across 7 chapters, the story unravels and more it goes on, the more bonkers it becomes.

The Corpse Series is full of laughs and he follow the rather twisted and goofy adventures of these unlikely serial killers.”

Read the full review HERE


The Summoner

Although not strictly horror, The Summoner is a retro flavoured supernatural action short featuring the best demon fighting since Egon and co took down the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man.

Read our review HERE

the offer poster.jpg

The Offer

It clocks in at around 50 minutes, but this dark and funny short pits a group of seven strangers in a secluded mansion where everything is not as it seems.

We said –

“Dark, funny and very twisted.”

Read our full review HERE


Gremlins: Recall

Billed as a straight short sequel to Gremlins, this delightful fan film used practical effects and brings more Christmas terror from our favourite green guys.

Watch it and read our review HERE


Never Hike Alone – A Friday the 13th fan film

Vincente Di Santi’s crowd funded love letter to the Friday the 13th series and Jason Voorhees breathes fresh life into Crystal Lake’s most deadly resident.

Watch it and read our review HERE

The Jigsaw

The Jigsaw

A slow burner short with a gut punch, this is very much an exercise in style over substance.

It centres around Pedro, an old widow who buys a mysterious jigsaw from a small independent shop, but will he regret it?

Watch it below –

For Her

For Her

For Her is a well crafted horror drama with a sting sharp enough to make you consider being single that little while longer.

Read our full review HERE


Scratches in the Dark 

We said –

“Scratches is at its best when its teasing what we don’t see.”

Made on a tiny budget of £1000, this is an exercise in suspense, watch ‘Scratches in the Dark’ below –


Brentwood Strangler

An unexpected riff on the serial killer motif, The Brentwood Strangler gets into the psychology of a serial killer whilst pitting him against what could be his most deadly foe.

Read our full review HERE


Your Date Is Here

The board game horror was brought back into the stratosphere with last year’s Beyond the Gates, and ‘Your Date is Here’ is more of the same.

There is a wider mythology hinted at here, but it’s what is not on screen or heard that really matters. A very self assured short with some big ideas.

the honeymoon.png

The Honeymoon

Centring around a devout Christian couple who are planning to have sex for the first time on their wedding night, but did they check the reservation of their honeymoon cottage?

Without giving too much away, they are thrown a curve ball by a very self assured Welsh lady with particular interests that are slightly out of their comfort zone.

 Not strictly horror, but definitely tonnes of fun.

Burn short film quote.jpg


‘Burn’ is a psychological thriller wrote by The Slaughtered Bird owner Chris Barnes, and it’s subject matter will certainly stay with you long after.

The plot centres around the fall out for a young family when the father is revealed as a serial killer.

‘Burn’ is a slick package, which has a few layers, and from being one thing it transforms into something entirely more complex.

From the moment go everything in ‘Burn’ was a bit off kilter, but as the plot unravels it gets darker and darker, so when the credits do roll you feel slightly traumatised.

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