The Corpse Series review

corpse series

James and Dan aren’t your average housemates.

They seem quite normal on the surface, well until James brings home a prostitute who he then accidentally kills or does he?

Yes it turns out they may have done this before and now they have the small job of getting rid of the body without getting caught, with hilarious results.

Told across 7 chapters, the story unravels and more it goes on, the more bonkers it becomes.

The Corpse Series is full of laughs and he follow the rather twisted and goofy adventures of these unlikely serial killers.

You almost feel like you shouldn’t laugh at parts which are the darkest of comedy, but you can’t resist as it’s so sincere.

It’s not your conventional horror comedy, but this is the reason it works. It’s unapologetic about the blood, and there’s plenty and mixed with some shameful giggles it was a fun ride.

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