The Summoner review

The Summoner poster quote.jpg

From the opening bars of ‘The Summoner’ were definitely in shamelessly retro territory.

The aforementioned ‘Summoner’ is the equivalent of Mel Gibson’s Riggs in the Lethal Weapon franchise. He’s brooding, probably drinks too much and has been hurt in the past.

His job is simple – take down evil spirits, and in style.

The wonderful synth soundtrack is like John Carpenter on speed, and certainly lightens the mood and energise scenes that otherwise could have come across as flat.

It’s like how do you make driving to the job interesting? Stick a funky synth track into it, and you got it.

‘The Summoner’ is unashamedly riffing on Ghostbusters, but at the same time this feels as much an action film as a horror film.

The story itself has potential to become episodic, but whether it would stretch to a feature is questionable.

This is one of the most stylish shorts of the year, and remember if you’ve got a problem who you gonna call?

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