Never Hike Alone review


Womp Stomp Films’ Friday the 13th fan film ‘Never Hike Alone’ may be the perfect antidote to those missing Mr. Voorhees’ big screen adventures.

This slick crowdfunded fan film certainly add something fresh to the mythos of the Friday series whilst paying homage to the legend of Jason.

A thrill seeking hiker looking to film his next adventure accidentally stumbles upon Camp Crystal Lake and from there well things start to go bad.

Although you could never accuse Jason of not being menacing, this version is certainly relentless and harks back to earlier Chapters like Part III and The Final Chapter.

The action scenes are cleverly choreographed and are more gritty than the gory free for alls Friday fans might be used to.

Never Hike Alone is the essential watch this Friday the 13th and certainly should give inspiration to any Hollywood filmmaker looking to resurrect Jason anytime soon.

 Watch Never Hike Alone below –



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