The Offer review

the offer poster

Introduced by the production team from Dead Mouse Productions, The Offer was a rollercoaster ride of gore and comedy.

Stealing the show is Bruce Jones aka Les Battersby from Corrie as one of seven strangers brought to a mansion with the chance to win a large inheritance from the recently deceased owner.

Jones is an absolute revelation as he turns it up to 11 with some hilarious lines despite the chaos.

It also co-stars Hellraiser alumni Nicholas Vince and Simon Bamford, Kenneth Cranham, Barbie Wilde, Oliver Smith and Stuart Conran.

With echoes of Se7en the group is whittled down one by one using their own greed and desires against them.

It becomes quite intense as you think you know who’s next before a rug pull or two keep the format quite fresh.

The Offer isn’t done yet though, there’s a twist, yes there’s always a twist which flips everything on its head and question everything you’ve seen.

Twisted, gory, very funny, this is one Offer you won’t want to refuse.

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