Brentwood Strangler review


Beware the Brentwood Strangler is on the loose and just in time for Christmas.

When the killer is caught red handed he flees the scene and gets caught up in something much worse; a blind date.

Playing the role of ‘Richard’ will he get lucky or has he just found his next victim?

Brentwood Strangler flips the tried and tested tropes of the genre and shows things from the killer’s perspective giving a fresh and original take.

Adam Yeend provides a twisted performance as ‘Richard’ who flips between psychotic serial killer and argumentative first date with ease.

Instead of blood and guts (save for one scene), this short relies on characters and dialogue and makes for a more in depth piece that feels a lot longer than its 18 minute running time.

Watch Brentwood Strangler below and give us your verdict in the comments –


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