Is Michael Myers hiding in Haddonfield Junkyard in Halloween Ends?

With filming slowly winding down on Halloween Ends, some interesting location shots have emerged which could reveal where Michael Myers has spent the time jump between Halloween Kills and Ends.

One of the team posted this location shot (@bpk15 on Instagram) from what presumably will be Haddonfield Junkyard – could this be where Michael has been following the events of the 2018 massacre?

This would be an interesting and unexplored location in the city, and could fit with the working title of Cave Dweller – is the junkyard Michael’s cave?

Given Jamie Lee Curtis has wrapped filming and James Jude Courtney is still filming at this stage, it makes sense that this could a scene involving the Shape and perhaps a nameless victim who is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Using a brand new location also adds another layer to Haddonfield’s map which has been opened up by David Gordon Green’s trilogy, which has given us a look far beyond Lampkin Lane.

David Gordon Green has also previously teased about the radio tower of Haddonfield playing a major part in the third film, although its not clear at this stage how big a role.

My own theory on this is that it is paving the way for a video game of the trilogy, as you will have multiple locations for levels, each with their own tasks to complete beyond escaping the murderous clutches of the Shape.

What do you think though? Has Michael been hiding at Haddonfield junkyard before the events of Halloween Ends? Let us know in the comments.

Halloween Ends open on 12 October 2022.


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