Will Michael Myers talk in Halloween Ends?

One of the recurring themes from Halloween (2018) was the motif about Michael Myers uttering his first words in over 40 years.

When the podcasters arrive at Smith’s Grove, one of the things Dr Sartain mentions is that ‘he can speak, he just chooses not to’, and from here Aaron tries to goad Michael into a reaction by showing him the mask from 1978.

Once Aaron and Dana arrive at Laurie’s compound, they mention that he didn’t speak to them but he may speak to Laurie if they are put in close proximity. This idea is firmly rejected by Laurie, and is certainly proven false later once the two square off at her home and not a single word is uttered.

Later on, as Dr Sartain looks to get Michael into Laurie’s crosshairs, with Allyson in tow, he quizzes the youngest Strode about if Michael said anything to her. Allyson lies to Sartain, but once the doctor mentions the name of Michael’s murdered sister Judith, appears to be the exact moment he wakes up and makes a bee-line for Sartain.

Even in his final moments, Sartain’s final words are ‘say something’, as presumably the doctor can’t comprehend a creature like The Shape existing without using a speech as a form of communication.

While this motif is largely dropped in Halloween Kills, there was a split second during his unmasking later on where a small portion of fans speculated he spoke once chasing Karen into the mob in the street next to the Myers house. This was promptly dropped as a theory after no official confirmation and the fact it doesn’t register when the movie is subtitled. Surely, David Gordon Green et al. would make a big deal about the Shape speaking during Kills, right?

This begs the question, could the Shape’s first words be featured in Halloween Ends?

While this would be something different for the character (although he spoke in Halloween II from Rob Zombie), could it also be the ultimate betrayal of the Shape’s character? Why does the silent monster need to talk? Isn’t it scarier to have a force that can’t be reasoned with through discussion?

I guess we will see once Halloween Ends rolls into cinemas on 14 October 2022.

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