Will the Myers House return in Halloween Ends?

While Halloween Kills was a polarising film amongst fans, one element that the majority agreed worked well was the return of the infamous Myers house.

Utilised in flashbacks to 1978 plus the present day, Michael’s childhood home was where Karen Strode met the blade of the boogeyman in the finale.

Given the bloodbath that took place in 2018, the question is – will the Myers house return for Halloween Ends?

Owners big John and little John were both slain by The Shape, plus Cameron and Lonnie Elam and the aforementioned Karen; wouldn’t it make sense to tear down this house that could become a morbid shrine to the 2018 massacre?

At this point, with the film in post-production, we don’t know the whereabouts of Michael Myers since that fateful night, but surely David Gordon Green won’t repeat Halloween Resurrection and have the masked maniac lurking under the house itself?

I get the feeling this is not what is meant by the working title Cave Dweller. In a previous article, I have already alluded to Michael’s possible whereabouts for the past four years, with his hiding place potentially being the Haddonfield junkyard.

The Myers House would make a fitting finale arena for Laurie to finally vanquish the Shape once and for all, but I guess we will have to wait until the first footage is revealed to cast more educated guesses.

Halloween Ends opens on 14 October 2022.

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