Medical horror short ‘Our First Priority’ hitting festival circuit

The medical horror short Our First Priority, written and directed by Ariel Baska, recently debuted at Final Girls Berlin Film Festival.

The film was a semi-finalist for the FilmQuest Screenplay Award and for the ScreenCraft Film Fund.

Our First Priority is a tale of one girl’s experience of medical gaslighting and the avenging angels that keep our universe in balance.

This revenge horror brings light to the unique trauma faced by those within the chronic illness and disability communities. While it centers on medical gaslighting, it has undertones of other forms of trauma that often intersect in children who have faced extreme illness.

The story is born out of Baska’s own childhood experiences with doctors, who, even as they acknowledged that she was a medical unicorn, could not believe that she had other symptoms that were not easily explained. This subject is vital especially now that so much of the world is beginning to acknowledge the marginalizations faced by those with chronic illness.

The doctor’s office can be a terrifying place, and never more so than in this short.

Our First Priority is currently playing at Wench Film Festival in Mumbai from March 6th to 14th. 

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