Can Haddonfield recover from the 2018 Halloween massacre?

As we eagerly await the first footage from Halloween Ends, which could be screened privately for cinema chains in the coming weeks; I would like to pose this question – Can Haddonfield truly ever recover from the 2018 Halloween massacre?

Taking into account that Michael Myers slew 18 people alone throughout Halloween 2018, and killed 27 people during Halloween Kills – that is a massacre to inflict untold damage on his hometown. That’s 45 people in one night and granted not all of them were from Haddonfield, this type of brutality inflicted by just one person must have some scars to bear come Halloween Ends.

David Gordon Green has previously spoken about a more contained film for the trilogy closer, so will this more sombre affair look at the town’s grief, after we saw the town’s rage in Halloween Kills?

Given a mob couldn’t stop Michael Myers, or a prepared Laurie Strode and her boobie trapped secluded home, how can they consider taking the Shape down for good?

Perhaps Michael has gained the one thing he may have always craved, control of the town’s fear and become their definitive boogeyman. A person who slew over 50 people during two killing sprees, 40 years apart isn’t gonna get forgotten anytime soon.

We have previously alluded to a potentially hidden Myers in Halloween Ends, who could be picking off victims across the four-year time jump sporadically to help remain hidden from the authorities and the remaining Strodes.

This would be a bold step for Green and co. for Halloween Ends, to have a more emotional movie, whilst aiming to give a definitive conclusion to his vision.

What do you think though? Can Haddonfield recover from the Myers massacre or does it now live in fear constantly of their boogeyman returning to shed blood once again? Let us know in the comments.

Halloween Ends opens on 14 October 2022.

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