Six Essentials Watches now on Grimmfest TV


Last week saw the launch of new online movie channel Grimmfest TV, from the organisers of one of the biggest horror festivals in the UK.

This online platform is hosting a wide range of short and feature films for horror and genre fans to enjoy.

Here are some recommendations from our team for you to delve into today –

Habit (2017) – We described this independent production as an addiction worth seeking out. Set in the backstreets of Manchester, UK, Habit, it exposes the dark underbelly of the city after dark.

Loom (2019) – This retro-flavoured short set around Halloween was a big hit at last year’s Grimmfest, with the makers of the film even making an appearance for audiences. A fantastic mix of practical effects and solid storytelling.

Sybil (2018) – From Director Joanne Mitchell, Sybil feels like just the beginning of the intriguing story of a funeral parlour worker who has more to her than meets the eye.

We Summoned a Demon (2018) – ‘We Summoned a Demon’ harkens back to the VHS era with its neon-soaked sets and synth score and the story is plenty of goofy fun.

Bedtime Story (2019) – Taking the bedtime story to horrifying new levels, Spanish short El Cuento mixes a discord between a single-parent mother and her children with a fairytale about a witch.

Mon Ami (2012) – The second feature from director Rob Grant (Harpoon) tells the story of 2 friends trying to execute their ‘get-rich-quick’ plan by kidnapping their boss’s daughter, but when the plan falls apart, they must scramble to fix the situation and repair their friendship.

Find out more about Grimmfest TV.

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