Harpoon review


I think for the first time in a while I have watched a film where I have sympathized and also hated each and every character in a film.

The third feature from Canadian writer/director Rob Grant is a wacky and bloody ride that is funny, bloody and sometimes shocking.

We are told the story of Harpoon through a voiceover which clears up exposition of our three main cast in about 2 minutes flat. Make no mistake they are not messing around here but the film feels all the better for this.

Harpoon is as razor-sharp as the bullets (spears?) to said weapon, which becomes a running joke itself throughout the film.

We have luckless Jonah, spoilt and potentially psychotic Richard and his girlfriend Sasha who decide that the best way to clear their heads is to go for a trip out on Richard’s dad’s boat.

In the isolation, though tempers flare and people start to show their true colors; maybe they are not as friendly as we first thought?

Allegiances between the three sway like the boat in the ocean with a reversal of theme that the sea will wash away all of your sins. In this case, it’s very much the opposite.

What makes this such an excellent and engrossing watch is the performances though as what we have here is fleshed out, realistic characters that are so flawed you can’t help but feel for them even after they’ve done something quite unspeakable.

Grant is adept at throwing curveballs at us too, with a couple of left turns that only enhance the plot and enrichen the mythology. One is a particular corker but I won’t spoil it here.

Harpoon is razor-sharp with twists and turns and tension galore and could be one of the best horror films of 2019.

Catch Harpoon at Grimmfest 2019.

Read our interview with Writer/Director Rob Grant.



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