Grimmfest 2018 – Saturday short film showcase review

Grimmfest shorts.jpg

For the second short film showcase for Grimmfest’s 10th anniversary we were treated to a host of movies all from female directors.

Here’s our verdicts –


When Laney (Isy Suttue) wakes up on her wedding day with an entity growing on her neck, hilarity ensues as she tries to get through her nuptials without letting on about her new friend.

Suttie is comedic gold as fans of Peep Show know and the story builds nicely before descending into madness for the final few moments, which will have you howling with laughter.


Spanish short Marta tells the story of wannabe serial killer of the same name, who has targeted her first victim but things get more complicated after she captures him.

This is a smart, self aware horror with some genuine dark humour. It balances the horror and comedy element perfectly and has a razor sharp script.

The Dark Room

This was a slow burner which focussed on the relationship between a single mother and her daughter in early 1900’s France, after the mum falls ill.

With striking imagery and a monster that has feature potential, this was a stand out.

The Whistler

An urban legend come to life, The Whistler harkens the spirit of Freddy Krueger (the family’s pet is even called Freddy) as an older sister recalls a local bedtime story, only to find out it’s got more truth to it than once thought.

Although there are some telegraphed scares, The Whistler offers some genuinely chilling moments and is beautifully shot.

The Old Woman Who Hid Her Fears Under the Stairs

This short promises quite a lot but ultimately failed to deliver a gripping narrative, as an older woman tries to combat her demons.

Although we get hints of her trauma the story feels slightly unfinished as the credits roll.

Round Trip

A fun offering from Australia as a police officer and a prisoner travel through the desert and get more than they bargained for as they stumble upon a bizarre incident.

Razor sharp comedy and fun narrative twist, Round Trip was a journey worth joining.


From Director Joanne Mitchell, Sybil feels like just the beginning of the intriguing story of a funeral parlour worker who has more to her than meets the eye.

Tracey Sheals really captures the character of Sybil. This is a short rich on characterisation and a visceral twist you may not see coming.

Get your tickets for the Sunday programme of Grimmfest 2018 HERE



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