Grimmfest Short Films Roundup

a5 plus bleed

It wasn’t just feature-length films on show on at the annual Grimmfest horror film festival at the Great Northern, Manchester last weekend, we also had a selection of great short films.

Here’s our roundup of a selection on the Saturday and Sunday programs –

Asparagus Tips – Taking body horror to greener levels, we sit through an awkward dinner party as a woman with hands and toes of asparagus is asked to spice up the menu. With social commentary on the class system and some great laugh out loud comic moments, Asparagus Tips is a dinner party worth getting a ticket for.

Stop – Tackling race and also the abuse of power by the law, Stop is at its best when there is silence. There are long pauses in between intense amounts of dialogue which tells us more about some character’s motivations than conversations. Having said this, it does fall slightly flat on its conclusion.

Changeling – Changeling tackles the challenges of being a mother and adds in a foreboding mood plus some ‘body horror’ to boot. A very atmospheric short that is superbly shot.

El Cuento (Bedtime Story) – Taking the bedtime story to horrifying new levels, Spanish short El Cuento mixes a discord between a single-parent mother and her children with a fairytale about a witch. Now witches don’t always translate well into horror and come across quite hammy but El Cuento fully realizes its vision with creepy fantastic makeup design and a slow burn that builds to a terrifying conclusion.

Loom – In 1978, two lovers go out to the woods for a good time around Halloween but are interrupted by the local hillbillies; this takes a turn when a beast wreaks havoc on the group. With an excellent retro feel and superb creature design, Loom feels like a fully realised feature crammed into 32 minutes; a highlight of Grimmfest overall.


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