Habit review

Habit 2

Based on the novel from Stephen McGeagh, Habit delves into the dark underworld of Manchester.

As much as it has a set of characters, the dark shadows of the northern city almost become a character themselves as unemployed Michael takes a job which leads him down a very dark path.

Now for those like myself who haven’t read the book it takes until around the halfway point for Habit to unravel and the full plot is laid bare in bloody detail.

The bonus is that it offers enough plot to keep us interested until this rug pull which then ramps things up for a pulsating finale.

What we have here is no divide between black and white good vs bad, Habit thrives in the grey area where everything is not what it seems.

There are some familiar faces from shows such as Brookside and Shameless which will make you smile, but make no mistake Habit is a rough ride. It’s gritty, it’s bloody and it’s extremely original.

Elliot James Langridge thrives in the role of Michael, a directionless man looking for meaning in a disillusioned existence. The fact he makes Michael so relatable makes the developing plot all the more shocking.

Habit is definitely an addiction worth seeking out.

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