Grimmfest 2018 Saturday programme review


It was our second year at Grimmfest, the North West’s premiere horror film festival which was celebrating it’s 10th anniversary.

Here’s our verdict on some of the features screened.

Brothers Nest

Anyone who has a sibling knows that you have a fairly special and sometimes unspoken relationship with them. You can argue like cat and dog but there is always a level of understanding there.

Brothers Nest takes this to a dark place as two brothers plan to kill their stepfather in order to inherit their dying mother’s house.

Firstly it has to be said that despite the dark content, Brothers Nest is one of the funniest horror films with some razor sharp wit.

This is very much an exploration of family and the extreme that greed will drive people. It will make you laugh, it will truly shock you and ultimately it will grip you.

A sibling relationship worth watching.


This was a funny beast which was filmed gorgeously and offered so much but ultimately failed to deliver.

Piercing has a retro vibe which at its best feels like prime Tarantino with its colour palette and also very bloody set pieces.

When a man sets out to kill a prostitute he gets more than he bargains for when he hooks up with someone more than his match.

At times it feels like a dance of blood but in the end Piercing feels like it doesn’t know how to finish what it has started.

Pupper Master: The Littlest Reich

The Littlest Reich is a gore fans dream with some really creative kills, which more than make up for the paper thin plot.

There’s also a refreshing lack of CGI with the makers favouring practical effects.

Read our full review HERE

Satan’s Slaves

Satan’s Slaves is a different beast.

Telling the story of a mother who dies and then comes back to haunt her family, this Indonesian horror is one of the most original features of the year so far.

Just when you think you’ve got it figured out Satan’s Slaves has plenty of twists and turns that turn into quite an expansive story which could have been stretched to multiple films.

Read our full review HERE

You can read our verdict on the Saturday short film showcase at Grimmfest HERE

A big thank you to the organisers and volunteers of Grimmfest for once again being so accomodating.



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