Satan’s Slaves review

satans slaves

Satan’s Slaves is a different beast.

Telling the story of a mother who dies and then comes back to haunt her family, this Indonesian horror is one of the most original features of the year so far.

And why? Well stories about you know who (not Voldermort) and his kin are quite hard to pull off and not come as hokey, but Slaves manages a frighteningly original tale with relative ease.

The key is simplicity as Director Joko Anwar keeps the dynamic immersed around a family dealing with real problems who are then thrown a supernatural curve ball.

Also it’s beautiful shot, with slow tracking shots employed so we can explore every frame and see where the next scare is coming from.

Just when you think you’ve got it figured out Satan’s Slaves has plenty of twists and turns that turn into quite an expansive story which could have been stretched to multiple films.

It’s quite easy to draw comparisons to 2016’s Under The Shadow but Slaves takes things up a notch with a final 20 minutes where everything is thrown against the fan. It’s crazy and extremely engrossing.

Keep an eye out for this one.




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