Horror-comedy short Nightmare at Camp Bloodbath now crowdfunding

New horror-comedy short Nightmare at Camp Bloodbath is crowdfunding on Indie GoGo.

One night at a summer camp, counselors Greg and Becky come back to their lodge to find it wrecked and torn apart by the pesky neighboring campers over at Camp Nitehawk.

But, little do they know something else is out there. Greg doesn’t buy into all those old ghost stories they tell around the fire.

Becky on the other hand does. She believes, she believes in the old urban legend of Terrance Fisher.

Director Dylan Arnow said:

“With the short, Nightmare at Camp Bloodbath, I want to take my love, passion, and nostalgia for 80’s horror films and blend them perfectly with my love for those classic parody films. For some reason, these films don’t get made anymore, and if that, not the way they used to. 

“With your help and contributions, we can create an entertaining, bloody, and funny horror-comedy with the DNA of Friday the 13th, and the spirit of films like Wet Hot American Summer. My team and I are very excited about this project, and with your help, we can make this dream a reality.”

Find out more about the perks of the campaign for Nightmare at Camp Bloodbath on Indie GoGo.

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