Short horror Late Night starts crowdfunding campaign

Late Night, a brand new horror short exploring celebrity sexualisation, star obsession and crowd complacency is now crowdfunding on Indie GoGo.

Late Night is a short off-beat, feminist horror film that follows a talk show interview as it gradually descends into madness. The piece takes inspiration from the likes of Craig Ferguson and David Letterman (who despite being described in many youtube compilations as ‘Flirting Gods’, we’d argue are quite the contrary) to explore star obsession, crowd complacency and the treatment of women within modern culture.

Late Night is calling out the ‘nice guys’ we’re all too familiar with, and exposing them for the creeps they truly are.

This film takes inspiration from the aesthetics of 70s horror B-Movies, combined with the classic look of Late Night talk shows – whose set-up has barely changed since the 50s. The atmosphere will feel familiar but slightly off-kilter, as if it’s a world we recognise but where the tones are richer, stranger and more unsettling; a TV fever dream.

To find out more about the perks of the campaign and how you can support, visit the Late Night Indie GoGo page.

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