Vincente di Santi talks 13 Fanboy

We recently got the chance to watch the new meta slasher 13 Fanboy, directed by Friday the 13th alumni Deborah Voorhees.

One of the stars of the film is filmmaker Vincente Di Santi, who many will recognise from the Never Hike Aline series. Here’s what Vincente had to say about being part of 13 Fanboy –

Can you tell us how you got involved in 13 Fanboy?

I met Deborah Voorhees through her Facebook group during the production of Never Hike Alone. She had Andrew Leighty and me on as guests and was an early supporter of Never Hike Alone. After one of our conversations, she had mentioned the 13 Fanboy project to me as something she was very passionate about bringing to life and asked about how I went about pulling together the resources for Never Hike Alone. Over time, I made myself available to Deb any time she had questions or needed a recommendation. Almost a year after our first conversation, Andrew, Hailey, and I were on a plane to New Mexico to help Deb with her teaser trailer that would help the film get funding. A year after that, the project was funded and Deb asked me to play a part in the film. Looking back, I can’t express enough how proud I am of Deb for seeing this project through and I feel very lucky to have been a supporting part of that process.

What attracted you to the project?

Deb’s passion. I could tell this project meant a lot to her and I wanted to help her complete it any way I could. She was so kind to Andrew and me in helping us build an audience for Never Hike Alone and we couldn’t think of a better way to thank her than to help her with whatever she needed. Doing that resulted in a solid handful of my good friends working on the project and us getting to share an amazing experience together making the film with some of our favourite icons from the horror world.

As someone well versed in slashers from the Never Hike Alone series, how much was it an honour to share the screen with some familiar faces?

I definitely had to pinch myself a few times and consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to share screen time with living legends. Being able to look across the set and know I am working with my heroes as peers were nothing short of a dream scenario. Getting to know everyone on and off set was super warm and welcoming. We’re all one big family now.

Without giving too much away, what was your favourite scene to film?

I got to share a scene with Judie Aronson and Tracie Savage that was a lot of fun. It was one of the first scenes we shot for the film for my character and one where I have a lot of dialogue. I was super nervous, but Tracie and Judie were really helpful and gave me a lot of good advice.

There is a meta quality to 13 Fanboy, was it daunting at all playing ‘yourself’?

Well, I was at least glad I didn’t have to reach too far to play the character! If anything, my only goal was to just act natural and say my lines clearly. After my first scene with Judie and Tracie, it really set a tone for me personally on how I needed to prepare myself for scenes. I don’t typically act as often as I do other things on set, with speaking lines anyway, so it was really more of a fun challenge than anything.

What can you tell us about the next Never Hike Alone film?

Our entire crew is very excited for Never Hike Alone 2. We are planning to launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in March 2022 to raise funding for a feature film sequel to both Never Hike Alone and Never Hike in the Snow. Never Hike Alone 2 will pick up 3 months after Never Hike in the Snow and on the same day of Never Hike Alone. It follows the story from the perspective of Tommy Jarvis who will once again be played by Thom Mathews. Vinny Guastaferro, Andrew Leighty, and Anna Cambell will also return to reprise their roles. If successfully funded, the film will shoot in the Spring / Summer of 2022 and release on Youtube for free in October 2022.

There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for the Friday the 13th lawsuit, are you just waiting for the opportunity to pitch your take on the series?

If there is one thing I have learned since 2009, it’s not to wait on the studios for anything when it comes to Friday the 13th. As far as we are concerned, the Never Hike Alone saga is the only opportunity we will have to create OUR version of Friday the 13th. I would obviously jump at any opportunity to pitch our stories at the studio level, but we are not holding our breath.

13 Fanboy is available now on VOD platforms.

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