Never Hike In The Snow review

When Womp Stomp Films unleashed fan film Never Hike Alone in 2017 no one could have expected the eruption of elation from the Friday the 13th fan base.

For their next project they decided to go back in time for a prequel to that fan film and give Jason fans something they have always craved; Jason in the snow.

Never Hike In The Snow delves into the mythos already created in the previous film and expands it while paying homage to previous entries in the Friday franchise. This timeline exists following Jason Lives, giving the writers plenty of open world to plan into.

This Jason is painted very much as more of a methodical slasher ala Michael Myers than a brainless killer, and he even shows off some of his brain power during a couple of scenes here which makes a refreshing change.

We also get the return once again of Thom Matthews as Tommy Jarvis who helps connect to the established mythology whilst being on the periphery of the action here.

What is quite astounding about Never Hike in the Snow is the emotional core it manages to hit with one scene in particular, with an attention to detail that is usually missing from Friday sequels. Writer/Director Vincente Di Santi also adds some tension to his attack scenes which brim with dread whilst coupled with a pulsating soundtrack.

While the snow action may be slightly limited, Never Hike in the Snow is a fresh new adventure in the Friday the 13th universe and a welcome return of the notorious legend of camp blood.

Catch Never Hike in the Snow on YouTube from 13th October 2020.


  1. I will have to give this a watch. Kind of cool they placed Jason an entirely different atmosphere than what we’re used to. Well, Jason X did space… but I don’t like to think about that.

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