13 Fanboy review

Taking the slasher film to a different level of meta, 13 Fanboy is an exploration of the legacy of final girls and toxic fandom in 2021.

Directed and starring Friday the 13th alumni Deborah Voorhees, we follow Dee Wallace and a number of horror actors, including CJ Graham and Tracey Savage as they try to find out the identity of the masked killer whilst trying to stay alive.

All of the cameos may feel a little over the top, but because the actors are playing themselves it feels oddly heartfelt plus they know what kind of film they are in.

The most interesting part of 13 Fanboy is when they delve into the idea of obsessed fans, as this is a story told by many famous horror actresses and feels like untapped territory for the sub-genre.

We also get an extended cameo from Corey Feldman who feels like he is channelling a shamed Hollywood producer.

Voorhees’ direction is superb for some of the kill scenes, but there are some choppy quick cuts that can take you out of some scenes.

Slasher films are meant to be a good time and not taken too seriously, and this is exactly what 13 Fanboy.

13 Fanboy is available now on VOD platforms.

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