Will Ben Tramer appear in Halloween Ends?

As the Halloween season draws to a close for another year, we creep ever close to the start of filming for Halloween Ends; the final chapter in David Gordon Green’s trilogy.

One of the takeaway or potentially throwaway lines from Halloween Kills, was a discussion between Laurie and Hawkins at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital about a previous romantic encounter which ultimately didn’t turn into anything substantial because Laurie was still sweet on Ben Tramer.

Tramer is mentioned in the original Halloween when Laurie and Annie talk on the phone, with Annie asking Ben out on Laurie’s behalf to the Homecoming dance set to take place on 1st November 1978.

We are guessing given the traumatic events of the previous night that Laurie didn’t make it but that begs the question – could Tramer be the final character from the original mythology to appear in Halloween Ends?

Could Tramer be Karen’s father or one of the two failed marriages Laurie is reminded of by the podcasters in the opening of Halloween 2018? Also, could Karen’s apparent death in the finale of Kills bring the character into the battle to take down Michael Myers once and for all?

Given that Michael Myers has wiped out the rest of Haddonfield’s legacy characters in Halloween Kills, could Tramer be Gordon Green’s final attempt at paying homage to the original text in his trilogy?

Let us know your thoughts on this theory in the comments.

Halloween Ends is set for release on 15th October 2022.

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