Bigfoot Hunters review

While it is always tricky to take the subject of the mythical bigfoot creature seriously, when pitched right it can be lightning in a bottle.

Instead of making it deadly seriously or a flat out comedy, the makers of Bigfoot Hunters strike somewhere in the middle and it works a treat!

We follow an ambitious presenter and his producer, who lose out on a major job and are instead lumped with following an eccentric Bigfoot enthusiast around the woodland the beast is said to inhabit.

What makes Bigfoot Hunters such a triumph is focusing on the relationship between presenter Brian and producer Zach as they struggle with their farcical assignment and potentially not working together in the future. This might be about Bigfoot, but it is very much a human interest story.

Throw in the whacky Jefferey, who claims to have seen the beast and has a knack of quoting lines from Jurassic Park and you have a motley crew to get behind.

While the film does take a slightly dark turn, it recovers quite well and the conclusion is suitably off the wall.

Seek it out.

Bigfoot Hunters is available now on digital platforms from Fractured Visions.

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