2 new writers join Halloween Ends

Despite Halloween Kills only being in theatres and on Peacock for less than a week, the pre-production of Halloween Ends is in full swing.

In a recent interview with Collider’s YouTube channel, Director and Co-Writer David Gordon Green revealed that writers Paul Logan and Chris Bernier have joined Green and the returning Danny McBride for the closing chapter of their Halloween trilogy.

Logan is well known to Green having wrote Manglehorn (2014), with Bernier well known for his work as producer on Hulu’s The House: A Hulu Halloween Anthology.

Green said,

“We always try to bring new voices into the mix and so they poke holes in our story and they play devil’s advocate plus new ideas and new reference points. We start prep in 2 weeks (early November) and they are hoping for me to lock in something more definitive and I think we will be in good shape for that.”

Halloween Kills proved an opening weekend success at the Box Office, taking $50.4 million, far exceeding predictions and becoming the record first weekend takings for a hybrid release film in the pandemic area.


Halloween Kills ends with Michael Myers taking down the Haddonfield mob, including former Sheriff Brackett and Tommy Doyle then proceeding to stab Karen Strode to death in Judith Myers’ former bedroom with The Shape staring out of the window as the credits roll.

Green has also confirmed that Halloween Ends will involve a time jump to present day (2022 on release) with the films featuring themes of a post-pandemic world plus some political commentary.

Halloween Ends is set to start filming in January 2022 in Savannah, Georgia switching from the previous location of Wilmington, North Carolina for Halloween and Halloween Kills.


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