Arrow announces January releases

Arrow Video’s January films include a fantastic crime drama starring Warren Oates, a gloriously gruesome Stephen King adaptation from a Master of Horror, Mario Bava’s final frightener, an exceptional Japanese war drama, and a debut horror from a unique new talent in a fantastic limited edition.

The releases will come in Arrow Video’s lavish packaging, with striking new artwork, second-to-none restorations of the films, brand new commentaries and interviews,as well as fold-out, double-sided posters, and illustrated collectors’ booklets with top writers giving illuminating insights into the films.

First in January, Arrow Video is proud to present Dillinger, the directorial debut of cinematic titan John Milius. Starring Sam Peckinpah favourites Warren Oates and Ben Johnson as Dillinger and his nemesis, and with a supporting cast including Harry Dean Stanton, Richard Dreyfuss and Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas, Dillinger is a top-drawer gangster picture: explosive, stylish and hugely entertaining. The beautiful Blu-ray restoration includes a host of fascinating interviews.

Next up is The Mangler, with Master of Horror Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw, Salem’s Lot, Life Force) returning to the works of Stephen King with this baroque and blackly comic chiller. Like an EC horror comic come to life, The Mangler is bold, brash and politically aware as Hooper once again points his camera at the American Nightmare, this time turning it on the bloodthirsty machinery of capitalism itself! The Blu-ray is bursting with extras including new commentaries, archival interviews and a collector’s booklet.

Next is the release of Shock, the final feature from Mario Bava, whose films inspired multiple generations of filmmakers, from Dario Argento to Martin Scorsese and Tim Burton. Best remembered for his gothic horror movies, for his final feature, Shock, he eschewed the grand guignol excesses of Black Sabbath or Blood and Black Lace for a more intimate portrait of mental breakdown in which true horror comes from within. Released in the United States as a sequel to Ovidio G. Assonitis’s Beyond the Door, Shock more than lives up to its name, proving that, even at this late stage in his career, Bava hadn’t lost his touch for terror. Now restored in high definition for the first time, the Maestro of the Macabre’s chilling swansong disturbs like never before in this feature-laden release from Arrow Video. The release is also available in an alternate “Beyond the Door II” O-Card edition, available exclusively from Arrow Store.

Also in January, Red Angel, an unflinching look at the horror and futility of war through the eyes of a dedicated and selfless young military nurse. Adapted from the novel by Yorichika Arima, it is directed by Yasuzo Masumura (Giants and Toys, Blind Beast), and his harrowing portrait of women and war is considered the finest of his collaborations with Ayako Wakao (A Wife Confesses, Irezumi), and features startling monochrome scope cinematography by Setsuo Kobayashi (Fires on the Plain, An Actor’s Revenge). The Blu-ray includes a brand new intro, audio commentary, and lavish booklet.

Finally in January, weaving together the emotional violence of horror with the cryptic motifs of German folk and fairy tales, Arrow Video is proud to present Sleep, the debut feature from a major new talent in world cinema. Richly conceived and confidently told, director Michael Venus draws influence from Mario Bava, David Lynch, Franz Kafka and the Brothers Grimm, but his voice is uniquely his own. As invested in substance and story as he is in style, Venus claws his way down to the roots of what haunts a people, a community, a nation and comes up screaming. The Limited Edition includes a host of interviews and featurettes as well as a booklet and a fold-out poster.

For more information please visit the Arrow Video site.

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