Virus horror “Infection” arrives in UK

Danse Macabre is pleased to announce that Flavio Pedota’s award winning virus horror INFECTION is now available in UK and Ireland on DVD and Digital.

A doctor is separated from his son when an outbreak of a new virus starts turning people into blood thirsty crazies.

Navigating his way through plague-infested streets and marauder-filled countryside, he must use every resource to find his only child and discover a cure for the deadly disease.

Produced before the Covid 19 pandemic, INFECTION is a prophetic study of what can happen to civilization when its infrastructure is compromised, however writer/director Pedota used the virus sub-genre as a metaphor to reflect the disintegration of his native Venezuela during its recent socio-economic crisis.

A critique of the countries president Nicolas Modurno, Pedota was forced to complete the film in Mexico and has since moved to Spain to avoid any reprisal.

INFECTION is now available to buy on DVD at Asda, HMV and is also available to rent or download from Amazon, Sky Store, Googleplay, i-Tunes, Microsoft (Xbox) and YouTube.

Watch the trailer for Infection below –

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