Is Kyle Richards the MVP of Halloween Kills?

With a slew of legacy characters brought back from the original Halloween for the latest instalment Halloween Kills, there was definitely one performance that stood out – the returning Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace.

Despite less screen time than counterpart Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall), the ‘rampage’ sequence of Kills was definitely one of the highlights of a polarising film amongst fans.

While the film has divided people the praise for Richards’ performance has been universal. Despite her counterparts being dispatched by The Shape, Lindsey shows smarts on multiple occasions as first she loads up with bricks in a bag to take him down and when it seems all hope is lost she goes for the mask which startles him into letting her go.

This doesn’t stop The Shape as he hunts her through Haddonfield Community Park, but she manages to evade him and get rescued by Tommy, Lonny, Allyson and Cameron later on.

Perhaps her smartest decision was remaining at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital as the rest of the mob go off to hunt The Shape once more, and meet their demises.

Director David Gordon Green has already teased that Lindsey’s journey in the Halloween universe may not be over, with him seemingly keen for her to play a role in the upcoming Halloween Ends, which begins filming in January.

Could we see Lindsey team up with the remaining Strodes to take down Michael Myers once and for all?

Let us know what you thought of Lindsey Wallace in Halloween Kills in the comments.


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