Death Drop Gorgeous review (Soho Horror Film Festival – Pride Edition)

After seeing an exclusive clip at last year’s Soho Horror Film Festival, we now get to see the complete Death Drop Gorgeous – a slasher film with as much panache as gore.

The film treads a fine line between being satirical and borderline comedy, but just about gets away with it thanks to creative set pieces that will have audience members wincing.

We follow Dwayne a dejected bartender plus an ageing drag queen as they both try and survive in the dark underbelly of the Providence nightclub scene.

While this begins like a twisted giallo, with black gloves to boot, when our killer is revealed the film does shake off a midway slump and becomes all the more entertaining.

In terms of performances, Michael McAdam steals the show as the catty and take-no-prisoners queen Gloria Hole.

The finale setpiece may go on slightly too long, but we forgive as we’ve got this far and wanted to see how things turn out for these very fleshed out characters.

There is a bottle fight that also rivals Road House for the amount of bottling and smashed glass, its truly something.

The drag scene feels like an untapped source of slasher films (barring the forgettable Killer Unicorn) so this feels like a step in the right direction to fully exploiting queer spaces for horror movie settings.

A promising effort Christopher Dalpe, Michael J. Ahern, and Brandon Perros.

Death Drop Gorgeous screened as part of the Soho Horror Film Festival – Pride Edition.


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