#Gayboy2020 review (Soho Horror Film Fest – Pride Edition)

This short film is pitched as a look behind the curtain at the modern world of gay dating.

We follow the latest date for June, as he meets a guy who he knows very little about and doesn’t care to. What we don’t know is that he is trying to bounce back from a breakup but finding his potential new suitors as poor replacements.

I suppose the metaphor for #Gayboy2020 is that dating can be horror.

This is another short that thrives on its surreal imagery, keeping the audience guessing between reality and fantasy.

#GayBoy2020 speaks to looking for identity and at the same time finding someone who is compatible with that identity, or who we are trying to be.

#Gayboy2020 screened as part of the Soho Horror Film Festival – Pride Edition.

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