Support the nightmarish ‘Saint Drogo’ on IndieGoGo

‘Saint Drogo’, the second feature from the makers of Death Drop Gorgeous, is now crowdfunding on IndieGoGo.

SAINT DROGO is an eerie, nightmarish slow burn inspired by 70s horror that depicts the deterioration of a gay relationship on the backdrop of a bleak, New England beach town in the winter.

Saint Drogo follows a couple, Caleb and Adrian, at odds with their personal goals for their relationship. Caleb, a free-spirit and headstrong, marches to the beat of his own drum, while Adrian seeks commitment and partnership.

When Caleb is plagued by nightmares of his ex, he suggest to Adrian that they go to Provincetown for a brief vacation. In town, Caleb begins to believe that his ex, Issac, who had been working in town for the summer, has gone missing.

The trip quickly devolves into a search for Issac, which further divides the couple.

They are befriend by a year-rounder, Eric, who offers to assist in the search. But the coastal resort is desolate and every townie the group encounters provides no leads. As Caleb is persistently haunted by further disturbing images, he becomes steadfast in his search. But the closer he gets, the sooner he nears the sinister secret the town is hiding.

Perks for the crowdfunding campaign include associate producer credit, social media thanks and merchandise packs.

Support Saint Drogo on IndieGoGo.

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