Fear PHarm review

By Daniel King

Take four teenagers, a corn maze, and a mask-wearing, chainsaw-toting family of murderers, and you’ve got yourself a movie. FEAR PHARM is a none-too-original slasher that borrows cheerfully from lots of films you’ve probably seen already but does just enough to make it worth a look.

What make it watchable are the photography, which is glorious; the acting, which is well above average; and the script which occasionally comes up with a gem or two. There’s an interesting exchange where one psycho lectures another that just because the heroine fights back doesn’t make her a lesbian. It’s lip service really though because, like countless horror films before it, it does trade on images of pretty young women in peril.

The gory moments are also there, for fans of flaying, road traffic accidents and brutal stabbings. If, like me, torture porn isn’t your bag then you might find certain scenes too unpleasant but nevertheless this is a good candidate for your October / Halloween movie marathons.

There appears to be a sequel in the pipeline so if you feel like carrying on your FEAR PHARM phandom a little pharther then keep your eyes (but not skin) peeled.

Fear Pharm is avaiable now on DVD and demand now.

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