Dog Soldiers 4K restoration review

Werewolf movie fans surely jumped for joy when the announcement was released that Second Sight Films would be releasing a 4K restoration blu ray of Dog Soldiers.

Helmed by Neil Marshall (The Descent, Game of Thrones) this action horror pits a group of soldiers up against a pack of blood-thirsty werewolves.

The quality of the 4K transfer is truly exceptional barring a couple of jarring moments where it looks to revert to the original transfer. This does not take away from the viewing experience, with Dog Soldiers remaining one of the best werewolves to date.

The use of practical effects and a razor sharp script plus an excellent cast including Sean Pertwee and Liam Cunningham make for a perfect storm, with the film every bit as good as it was when released 18 years ago.

This coupled with the special features to accompany it will surely make this a much purchase when released early next year.

If you’d like to catch Dog Soldiers in 4K on the big screen, it will have a limited release in UK from 23rd October.

Dog Soldiers 4K is now available on digital download.

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