Celebrating Women in Horror Month with modern Final Girls

February is the annual celebration of Women in Horror, and our first feature will focus on some of the recent final girls from the genre.

Ella Hunt

Ella Hunt (Anna and the Apocalypse)

After taking the festival circuit by storm last year Ella sang and slashed her way through the zombie apocalypse in one of the horror highlights of 2018.

Read our review of Anna and the Apocalypse HERE

Danielle Harris

Although she became a Scream Queen before she’d even left school in the Halloween franchise, Danielle Harris has made the Hatchet franchise her own as the vengeful Marybeth Dunston appearing in the last three films.

Fiona Dourif

As the daughter of horror royalty Brad Dourif it seems almost fateful that his daughter Fiona has now become one of the leading ladies of the genre, with her turns in Curse and Cult of Chucky. With the evil doll’s soul transferred into her body in the latest film and a TV series on the way from Don Mancini, here’s to more bloody adventures with Nica/Chucky and Tiffany!

Jessica Rothe

Jessica Rothe stole our hearts in surprise hit Happy Death Day in 2017, and returns later this month in the sequel Happy Death Day 2U with many predicting this could become the next big horror franchise.

Riffing on the slasher genre and the Back to the Future series, Happy Death Day was smart, bloody and entertaining, so here’s hoping the sequel carries on Blumhouse’s dominance of the horror Box Office.

Emily Blunt

If you need any convincing that horror is getting more mainstream appeal, then Emily Blunt’s recent Screen Actor’s Guild award for best supporting actress is fuel to that fire.

Her turn in A Quiet Place was nailbiting as her family battled to stay alive against a deadly and mostly unseen threat. Director and husband John Krasinski has convinced to return for a sequel, so here’s hoping his wife can join him again.

Maika Monroe

Maika Monroe gets double final girl points with her stunning turns in Adam Wingard’s The Guest and the fantastic It Follows.

Both offered something different to the genre, with It Follows taking notes from the slasher genre and adding a supernatural twist and a pulsating synth soundtrack. Let’s hope to see Monroe re-join the genre again soon.

Sharni Vinson

Quite possibly the most resourceful final girl in horror history Sharni Vinson took on three masked killers in Adam Wingard’s You’re Next and quite frankly kicked the crap out of them.

Wingard again flipped genre rules on their head and created a mix of invasion horror and action with Vinson at the heart of it. Although a sequel is unlikely Vinson deserves to be cast in another kick ass role soon.

The Strode Family

How could we leave out the Strodes, right?

Jamie Lee Curtis returned to her most iconic role as a bruised and battered Laurie Strode, to do battle with Michael Myers once again in a fast forward sequel to the original. This time she brought along minorly traumatised daughter Karen, who was taken from her age 12, as she deemed an unfit mother as well as granddaugher Allyson who is dragged into the bloody mayhem as The Shape returns to Haddonfield.

Working together they finally sent Michael Myers to his fiery grave, but evil never dies right?

What do you think of our list of modern Final Girls, if you feel we’ve missed any please let us know in the comments below.

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