We Need to Talk about ‘Assassination Nation’

Sometimes films come along in the exact moment to capture the mood of a time or country. With social commentary coming out of its ears, Assassination Nation plays like a 21st century version of the Salem witch trials.

Instead of accusations of witchcraft the accused are given the guilty verdict of hacking 17000 mobile phones.

With an emphasis on gun violence and vigilante “justice’ this film plays on incidents such as school shootings and how Americans react to tragedy and scandal. Although it doesn’t give pathos to the reasons behind shootings it does interpret how in some twisted ways that people justify their actions.

As well as feeling timely, Assassination Nation is extremely well shot with a glorious one shot of a scene of pure suburban carnage that rivals Halloween’s (2018) one take of murderous mayhem for the most well crafted of last year.

The dialogue is razor sharp, with our quartet talking like an ongoing Twitter feed. It’s plated fairly tongue in cheek with a larger than life portrayal of events.

Much the same as the criminally overlooked Tragedy Girls it showcases how social media and mobile technology has taken over our lives.

Assassination Nation is a horror film for the social media generation, that shocks, makes you laugh and ultimately is bloody entertaining.

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