‘Monster Squad’ star to appear at HorrorCon UK

Following the announcement of True Blood star Denis O’Hare, HorrorCon UK has announced The Monster Squad star Duncan Regehr.

At six feet, five inches tall, Regehr’s intimidating physique, and powerful presence often had him cast as larger-than-life heroes and stylishly wicked scoundrels. His portrayal of Dracula in The Monster Squad (1987) is thought by many to be one the best characterisations of the Count.

In 2006 when “Wizard” magazine did a list of the 100 Greatest Villains of All Time, and Dracula was ranked at #30, it was Regehr’s version that appeared on the list!

Duncan has starred in many US television films, including the cult 1980’s science fiction series V as alien military leader Charles.

He has also had numerous TV roles on shows such as Murder, She Wrote, Alfred Hitchcock Presents (If Looks Could Kill), Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. One of Regehr’s best-known roles to date was as the swashbuckling hero in Zorro. Regehr portrayed the masked hero for 88 episodes from 1990 to 1993.

Regehr is also an accomplished and successful artist.

HorrorCon UK takes place on Saturday 11th May and Sunday 12th May at the Magna, Sheffield; get your tickets HERE

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