68 Kill review

68 kill

Based on the novel by Brian Smith, 68 Kill is quite frankly the most bonkers film of 2017 so far.

It’s very much a heist movie but there’s plenty more to it than that.

We have stellar performances from Anna Lynne McCord as the crazy in every sense, Liza and her damaged boyfriend Chip (Matthew Gray Hubler).

When Liza decides she wants more from life than scraping by and having to have sex to make ends meet, she decides to steal $68,000 from one of her rich clients and take off.

The plan goes wrong and thus starts a chain of gory and occasional hilarious events.

The real crux of the film is the relationship between Liza and Chip which at first seems quite throwaway, but becomes the heartbeat of the show as he deals with the relationship he has found himself in and how he is drawn to damaged women.

It’s funny, it’s gory and very entertaining – 68 Kill is definitely recommended.

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