Friday the 13th Part 3 – In Memoriam documentary review


The third part of the Friday the 13th series will always hold a special place in Jason fans hearts.

It was the first time that Jason would don the infamous hockey mask, and thus a franchise was born.

There’s the funky opening theme from Harry Manfredini as well as it being the only Friday to date to be filmed in 3D.

This documentary goes into more detail on some of the specifics of the film, including the location, the hockey mask itself and most importantly the late Richard Brooker who played Voorhees.

We get some interesting behind the scenes stories for Larry Zerner who played Shelly as well as some background to Brooker himself from people such as Adrienne King (Friday the 13th & Part 2).

We also revisits where the old cabin used to be before vandals burnt it down in 2006, and get the story behind this too.

This is a documentary by the fans and for the fans, and is certainly an essential watch for all Friday fans. It’s the perfect addition to our collections and a fitting tribute to Brooker.

Here’s Writer/Producer Sean Richards discussing the project –

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