47 Metres Down review


What starts out as girly get away, with two sisters seeking to re-kindle their bond after man trouble becomes an underwater nightmare with….you guessed it some terrifying sharks.

Lisa was dumped by her boyfriend because he thought she was too boring, and sister Kate has the idea that they can go shark diving with two men they’ve just met – what could go wrong?

After a slight glitch with the wire tying the cage to the boat, the sisters are stuck 47 metres down on the ocean floor, with two hungry Great White sharks baying for blood after an earlier chumming session.

At first its hard to sympathise with the girls, especially Lisa who is engulfed by the horror of the situation and effectively freezes. Whereas Kate gets resourceful and tries to find ways they can escape, but you feel her bravery may just get her ate along the way.

But as the film goes on, in the face of sheer adversity you really start to root for them both, as their oxygen runs low and the sharks close in there are some really intense scenes.

Also a special mention must go to the pulsating score by ‘tomandandy’ which although not in the Jaws league (but what is?) creates such an unbearable atmosphere you may not want to go venturing deep see divinga anytime soon.

To round things off, ‘47 Metres Down’ has a very clever twist which we won’t spoil here, but it will make sure that you’ve been paying attention throughout.

‘47 Metres Down’ has jump scares galore and an intensity which once its shifted gear and hits the waters, doesn’t let you go until the final reel.

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