Why the Season of the Witch is the true Halloween sequel


In what’s fast becoming a Halloween tradition, I re-watched the much maligned Season of the Witch chapter of the series the other night.

What has become apparent after like many others who discarded this as a Michael Myers-less piece of garbage on first watch, I have come to love the film and consider it a real ode to the season itself.

Don’t get me wrong the sequels certainly have their moments, with 2, H20 and Halloween 4 probably being the best Myers sequels without coming close to matching the original.

What Halloween III focusses on, is the season and legend of Halloween and Conal Cochran sets up the ultimate trick by giving the ancient gods a mass blood sacrifice.

This of course goes back to the pagan rituals of Halloween which are fused into The Curse of Michael Myers and its Producers Cut.

We also have a great leading man as Tom Atkins plays the far from perfect Dr. Challis. From sweet and innocent Laurie Strode we have a doctor who is cheating on his wife and we still feel the need to root for him as he’s dragged deeper into this dark and twisted plan.

I feel that now all these years later when were discovering other stories of Halloween such as Trick ‘R Treat and Tales of Halloween that we’ve seen there’s room for more than Michael Myers on all hallows eve.

Halloween III is bold, it’s different and it may just be the perfect follow up to John Carpenter’s classic.

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