The deadliest workout ‘Murdercise’ is now crowdfunding

Welcome to the deadliest home workout ever – Murdercise, now crowdfunding on Indie GoGo.

Phoebe is an obsessed fitness nerd who gets her big break working on a sleazy workout video.

When the cover girl, Candy, goes missing, Phoebe seeks help from a mafia princess, Isabella, who teaches Phoebe how to kill her way to the top.

The filmmakers A&P Productions want to serve up a fun and exciting movie in the same vein as KILLER WORKOUT, LINNEA QUIGLEY’S HORROR WORKOUT, and SLEEPAWAY CAMP 2.

Artwork for the independent horror film was produced by British designer Brutal Posters, whose previous work includes The Bloody Flicks Awards.

Find out all the perks of their crowdfunder on Indie GoGo and watch their promo below –

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