Troma’s The Local Boogeyman starts crowdfunder

The third film from American filmmaker Andrew Durand, The Local Boogeyman is now crowdfunding on Indie GoGo.

The Local Boogeyman is about a deputy who survives a grisly massacre of a local family. 

27 years later, he is now the Sheriff of the town but that haunting night in which those people died at the hands of a deranged killer have caught up to him now he is forced to relive the horrors of that night and protect himself and his family from the darkness that followed him!

Andrew Durand commented,

” Making films is a lot of work and costs tons of money with 9,000 it not only maintains the best quality for the best fans in the world, but it lets me do tons of other things like adding more GORE and more fantastic cast.

“Every penny raised goes straight to this film. I appreciate everything you give toward helping me make this film. I love horror films and I know what the fans want and trust me The Local Boogeyman is everything you want in a horror film!”

Find out how you can support The Local Boogeyman on Indie GoGo.

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