Short horror Grim Hunt needs your support

New short horror film Grim Hunt has started a crowdfunding campaign and needs your support.

In 2003, three teenagers, BryanJulie, and Seth journey into Sherman Woods to film the season finale of their paranormal documentary series called “The Other Side” where they investigate haunted places in their small town. What makes their finale so special is the incident that occurred in Sherman Woods.

In 1988 Herman Wilbur, an experienced hunter, was on his way back to his cabin after a long day. Once he arrived he found the front door busted open and a grizzly bear storming out of it with blood smeared all over its mouth. Herman rushed inside only to find his wife and son in pieces. After that day, Herman embarked on a hunt for revenge. During the next few days the authorities were contacted after a hiker discovered the cabin and proceeded to close off Sherman Woods to the public. Herman Wilbur was nowhere to be found.

Now 15 years later, the three teenagers are in for a treat. As they’re filming their documentary, they encounter Herman himself. He now hunts the three teenagers through the woods with his variety of traps and hunting skills. This is The Grim Hunt.

Find out all the ways you can support Grim Hunt on Indie GoGo.

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