Paranormal investigation book Dying Light – An Investigation Into Near-Death Experiences released

Dying Light: An Investigation into Near-Death Experiences, a new book from bestselling authors and paranormal investigators Jason Hewlett and Peter Renn, is available now. 

Do we get to a Heaven, wake up in a different reality, and live a new life as another person altogether? Or do we continue on as a disembodied spirits?

Perhaps the answers to these questions can be found in those who believe they’ve died for minutes, or even hours, and returned to life after spending time on the other side?

By interviewing experiencers, researchers, fellow investigators and scientists, they unravel different aspects of the near-death phenomenon, including how subjective – yet similar – each experience is. Their journey leads them down paths to reincarnation and past-life experience, multiverse theory and more as they shine a light on what’s waiting for us on the other side.

Dying Light: An Investigation into Near Death Experiences Now Available on Amazon

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