The Haunting of the Tower of London review

Independent UK filmmaker Charlie Steeds has returned with another haunting horror, this time focusing on the bowels of the Tower of London.

From this reviewer, I’d have to say his most restrained effort to date was the classic gothic tale An English Haunting, but for large parts …Tower of London is equally restrained.

Steeds lets moments breathe and give some good character development to his leads Richard III, priest Isaac Crawgyll and Henry Pedrick, a local man who is believed to be able to communicate with the dead.

Pedrick is brought to the Tower following the death of the King and Queen’s sons, and is tasked with helping to find out the culprits.

For the largest part, the film is a mystery medieval horror but I have to say Steeds was clearly setting us up for one of the wildest and brutal finales I’ve seen in a while. Let’s just say medieval torture looks every bit as brutal as it seems…

This is largely a similar cast to his last picture Werewolf Castle, which held its own fantasy charm, but make no mistake Steeds is firmly back in the horror camp here.

Performance-wise Reece Connolly is excellent again as the tortured priest whose role becomes larger than originally perceived whilst Tim Cartwright chews the scenery as the twisted Richard III. While Connolly was more outlandish is Werewolf Castle, here he is given more character focus and allowed to build a more cohesive arc.

Richard Rowden’s Pedrick is more of our traditional protagonist with a supernatural twinge as clearly there is a price for his gift.

Steeds and his Dark Temple crew continue to produce entertaining visuals, and I get the feeling certain scenes here will be talked about on social media for some time following its release.

The Haunting of the Tower of London is available now on DVD.

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