Werewolf Castle review

For his latest feature, independent filmmaker Charlie Steeds pivots slightly away from his usual horror output for a fantasy action with werewolves to boot!

This may be jarring to fans of his previous efforts, but what’s not lost is the director’s penchant for practical effects and tongue in cheek storytelling.

While parts of Werewolf Castle do get pretty brutal, there is wry humour sprinkled throughout to help lighten the mood.

We follow the journey of Thorfinn (Peter Lofsgard), a young man in a rural village who must team up with a band of sword wielding warriors to defeat a colony of ravenous werewolves that seek to wipe out the local population. Right from the outset it is clear that this a hero’s story, with Thorfinn going from timid to warrior by the film’s close.

Every good hero needs a perfect foil and Thorfinn find this in the form of Wolfstan, a campy trickster who seems to control the wolfpack. Actor Reece Connolly, who had previously portrayed a heroic character in Steeds’ A Werewolf in England, feels much more at home in this villainous role that feels akin to Brad Dourif’s Wormtongue in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The fight sequences here are well choreographed with the werewolf design from A Werewolf in England utilised well plus the score from Simone Cilio really enhances the more heroic and action-packed scenes.

Werewolf Castle will definitely appeal to fans of Game of Thrones and fantasy epics such as Legend, it is an epic and bloody medieval adventure.

Werewolf Castle is released on DVD on 31st January 2022.

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