Psychological short horror film Interference needs your support

Psychological short horror film Interference has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indie GoGo.

“Interference”tells the story of one teenage boy’s struggle with paranoia and identity amidst the start of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s. 

The film is an exploration of the way media and identity are intertwined, a deep dive into social paranoia that parallels our modern world, and a love letter to the analogue technology of the 80s. 

“Interference” discusses the way media coverage immerses us in a world that feels steeped in fear and hatred, and how this can warp our perceptions of ourselves and others.

Through the lens of psychological horror, we explore the bidirectional relationship between media and society and how that can impact minority youth.

Additionally, it will investigate the psychological strains and existential consequences of feeling unable to authentically express yourself in your community.

Find out all the ways you can support Interference on Indie GoGo.

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