George Rocha talks short queer horror Macho Carne

George Rocha’s queer horror short Macho Carne plays as part of this weekend’s Soho Horror Film Festival: Pride Edition.

We caught up with George to find out more about the film –

Macho Carne takes its cue from the Giallo, tell us some of your inspirations for the film?

I was inspired a lot by the concept of Giallo, but mainly in what would be a pornographic film with these references, alternating between sexuality and the violence that a male body is capable of causing. During the script development I was fascinated by the Japanese films of the ”Guinea Pig” series, which do not have great symbolism other than the desire to show human cruelty through makeup.

Why do you think the Giallo has less of a presence in cinema today?

I think directors (not just horror movies) are very focused on realism in cinema, and less on playfulness. I like all kinds of films, but directors who use horror elements and create parallel universes in their films always have my greatest attention, what director Yann Gonzalez does in rescuing these elements and mixing it with queer culture is enviable, at least for me.

How important was it to add a queer element to the film?

My first experiences with cinema started with horror, for many years it was the only genre I watched and created scripts for. During my pre-adolescence I discovered myself as a gay man and started to embark on the queer world cinema. Then, I met John Waters, Bruce LaBruce, Gregg Araki and my head exploded. Nowadays I can’t write anything that isn’t related to gore and queer horror cinema anymore.

What can you tell us about the filming process? Are gruesome films the most fun to make?

The film started to be produced in 2019, but it had to be paused because of the pandemic and we stopped working for almost 2 years. I used this time to mature the project and rethink everything by looking for other references. We produced everything in 2 months, at the beginning of 2021. The whole recording process was very smooth, precisely because of the trust I have in the team that produces with me. The only curiosity I can say is that the tongue scene was recorded in just one take and extremely calm for the actor, at most it caused a slight irritation because of the string.

How would you describe the film to people tuning in for Soho Horror Film Festival?

A hypersexual, hyperviolent queer nightmare.

Is the plan to play the festival circuit during 2022?

We received very positive feedback from porn festivals around the world, apart from the amazing people I’ve met around the world since the film’s premiere in 2021. All of it this gave me more confidence for the release of my next film ”House of Dolls”, which will be another queer nightmare but this time in pink color.

Describe Macho Carne in three words?

Disgusting, surreal and mesmerizing

Macho Carne plays as part of the Soho Horror Film Festival: Pride Edition.

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