Grimmfest presents Exorcist double bill review

A couple of months back the North West horror and genre film festival Grimmfest announced a number of double bills of classic horror movies.

So far they’ve had Friday the 13th sequels, Psycho and its first sequel plus vamp films such as The Lost Boys and Fright Night.

This was my first experience of their new screenings with the small matter of The Exorcist and The Exorcist III.

Truth be told I have never seen either film on the big screen so it was refreshing to sit back with likewise fans who were all there to enjoy the films with minimal disruption. As to be expected they both hold up extraordinarily well and even still have the audacity to shock, and I’m not talking about THAT jump scare.

The Exorcist has this quality, like many of Friedkin’s best films, of being stylish but layered stories so once the chaos begins you are completely tuned in.

In terms of The Exorcist III, I have come to appreciate the sound design more from this screening plus William Peter Blatty’s direction which is akin to German expressionism.

The organisers also had multiple giveaways between the films to keep attendees entertained (of which I was gutted not to win), including a stunning mini print based on The Exorcist.

With one eye on their Alien all-dayer coming up in July, I would highly recommend Grimmfest at the Mini Cini, which is only a stone’s throw away from Manchester Picadilly Train Station for commuters and easy to park nearby.

Find out the Grimmfest schedule coming up.

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